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We’ve developed a number of resources available to schools, professionals and individuals to help support careers and employability training. Just select the category you’re interested in below to filter out the relevant resources, or if you’re not sure, have a browse through them all!

UK report on mental health inclusion

This Mental Health+ project report covers the mental health equality and inclusion laws, policies and strategies in place across the UK as a whole as well as within education, in particular vocational education and training (VET). This report was informed by desk research as well as interviews with mental health advocacy groups, policy makers and […]

Level Up – Game Based Learning in Careers Guidance

Is Game Based Learning (GBL) popular in the context of career guidance in your country?There is a growing investment in digital tools within career guidance in the UK – including in GBL resources. However, whilst the ideas around the tools are welcomed by professionals and championed by national bodies, there remains a limited number of […]

UK Report on Gender Inclusion

While the United Kingdom appears to have fewer religious and cultural barriers than other European countries in its acceptance of alternative identities, it would be incorrect to assume that some learners do not continue to face obstacles in accessing VET courses and achieving success due to their gender. Issues relating to gender are gaining increasing […]

FUTURE Methodology & Scenario Development

Digitalization and the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution are changing our way of working. These changes have an impact on both the way people work and the required individual skills and competences. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare young people optimally for the jobs of the future and to support them in dealing with […]

FUTURE eBook of Best Practice

New technologies have frequently and rapidly changed the shape and profile of the labour market throughout the 20th century. It is not enough to show children HOW the world is changing. They need to understand WHY it is changing, and to visualise HOW it will look. Career guidance services need to evolve to offer futureproofed […]

ACCEnT Pedagogical Framework

The mission of the ACCEnT project is to help counselling, coaching and guidance professionals and practitioners, referred to as guidance practitioners throughout this document, who work with hard-to-reach =groups (the long-term unemployed, NEETs, migrants, early school leavers, refugees and asylum seekers) in their daily work. Based on an analysis of their situation and needs in […]

ACCEnT UK National Report

The ACCEnT project aims to help careers guidance professionals work more effectively with hard-to-reach groups. Therefore the UK National Report covers the current situation of hard-to-reach groups in the UK (migrants; refugees and asylum seekers; early school leavers; NEETs; and the long term unemployed) as well as the characteristics, opinions and training requirements of careers […]

Academia+ Intellectual Output Report

Although not a brand new technology, the concept of industry 4.0, or ‘Smart’ technology, is new to quite a lot of people. The uptake of these technologies on a large scale has been quite recent, with household tools such as Alexa, and many people are still unaware of how these types of technology can be […]


Get practical information Info4Migrants is a trusted online resource, specifically designed for migrants, their support workers and advisers. It’s packed full of easy to follow and useful information in six languages – English, Arabic, French, Romanian, Polish and Urdu. Help for professionals working with migrants The varied backgrounds and needs of migrants means that those who […]

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